South Suburban Memorials will design a monument that will be a lasting tribute to your loved ones.   The size of monument will depend on the rules and regulations of the cemetery. Monuments come in a variety of shapes, styles and colors.

Individual monuments are typically taller than wide creating a more vertical presentation.  They are used to mark a single grave.  They are used mostly in rural areas, smaller towns and cities.

The horizontal monument is the most commonly used monument today.  The top piece is called the tablet or die.  The bottom piece is called the base.  This type of monument is used to identify family burial plots for two grave plots and up.  The most popular shape is the serpentine top with straight ends.

The wing type monument consists of two wings, a cored rectangular vase on a plinth, all sitting on a base.

Bench Memorials are another type of monument.  They can include a niche for cremains.

Cross monuments are designed to accommodate a family’s wishes.


Custom Monuments are also available. South Suburban Memorials specializes in creating custom monuments for families. Let our artist create a lasting tribute to your beloved family members.

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