Cemetery Lettering

South Suburban Memorials provides engraving of inscriptions and final dates to existing markers and monuments.  Please call for a quote providing the memorial’s location within the cemetery and the lettering to be added.  We will then visit the cemetery to take a rubbing of the memorial to ensure that we match the existing lettering.


Ceramic Portraits

Ceramic portraits can be installed on your memorial providing that it is allowed by the rules and regulations of your cemetery.



A “PORTRAIT ETCHING” is not a photographic process; it is an art form.  Our professional artist creates it by hand.  Thus, it is a “LIKENESS” of the person or persons being etched.

Only one photograph can be accepted for the artist to use.  Two photographs cannot be combined into one image.  We cannot accept any photograph other than a high quality studio photograph or a close-up photograph of very good, sharp quality.  Fuzzy or unfocused photographs cannot be used.


Our artist takes your photo and translates it into an etched portrait on granite.  The etched portrait is as close to the photo as is technically and artistically possible.  Because the portrait is done by actually breaking the surface of the granite, it is almost impossible to change it when completed.


JET BLACK granite is the preferred material to use in etching work.   It provides the best contrast to the image that is being created.  The use of any other granite jeopardizes the quality of the performance of the work.


Cremation Vaults

Granite keepsake cremation vaults are available at South Suburban Memorials and are designed to hold your loved ones cremains.  These vaults can be customized with engravings.


Pet Markers / Memorials

Your pets are beloved members of your family. Memorialize your beloved companion by allowing South Suburban to help preserve your memories.


We have granite markers for pet cemeteries as well as for placement in your yard.


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