Purchasing Guide to Create Your Granite Memorial


If you face the task of creating a beautiful memorial for a loved one, or you are trying to plan ahead to spare your family, it is important to understand at South Suburban Memorials we are here to guide you.  We know nobody likes to think about death but eventually it affects us all.  Let our dedicated staff guide you in your selection of granite, design and lettering.


Step 1:  Begin by checking with your cemetery about their regulations regarding memorial size, shape and color.  This information will help you narrow down your choices.  We here at South Suburban Memorials can assist you in this area.


Step 2: In order to create a lovely and lasting memorial one of the most widely used materials is natural granite, one of the hardest types of stone on earth, which is just as beautiful in its natural state as it is when highly polished.  Let South Suburban Memorials sales staff and designers help you with the selection size, shape and color for your memorial, taking into consideration the cemetery regulations, price and your own preferences.  You may want a simple upright headstone; one carved into a shape such as a heart, or a marker that is low or flush to the ground.  Natural granite is available in an array of colors.  We supply domestic granite as well as some imports.  The color of the granite as well as the style and size will determine your cost.


Step 3: Select a design for your memorial.  We offer many stock designs like flowers, rocks, trees and religious symbols for you to choose from.  The South Suburban design team will also work with you to create a custom design to your specifications.  We also have etching and ceramic portrait options available.

The carving options below can be customized with any design:


Flat Carving:

This consists of cutting out the lines and outlines of the design and then sandblasting the exposed surface.  Flat carving is the most basic type of carving available and is included in your price.


Shape Carving:

The outline of the design is sandblasted and the interior is shaped to create a 3-D look to the design.  Shape carve designs are commonly used on roses, flowers and leaves.  They can also be used on praying hands, log crosses, etc…


Step 4:  Decide what words and images you want on your memorial.  Aside from the deceased name and dates, you may want a comforting quote, a religious passage, or even an epitaph—a short verse composed just for you.  Lettering of your memorial is included in the price.  Additional charges would only apply for some special types of lettering such as raised lettering.  We commonly use Roman font but can adjust this according to your style.  We also have available lettering in languages such as Hebrew, Chinese, and Spanish – just to name a few.


Step 5: Once you have selected your granite memorial, design and lettering we will provide a proof copy of how the memorial will look.  We ask that you check all spelling, accuracy of dates, placement and quality of your design before the memorial is created, because you do not want the burden of getting a new stone later.  YOU CAN NOT CHANGE IT ONCE IT IS CARVED ON THE STONE.


Items to bring with you when making a purchase include:


  • Death certificates
  • Prayer cards and service bulletins
  • Cemetery plot location
  • Clear photo of your loved one if you are interested in an etching or a ceramic portrait
  • It is helpful to have in mind lines of endearment or epitaphs when you come to the office.



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